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Best Gym Equipment to Start Your Home Gym

Though commercial gyms are usually well-equipped, they may be located far or sometimes highly crowded. For this reason, a good number of people prefer to set up their private gyms so as to avoid the hustle and bustle associated with these commercial gyms.

Though setting up a private gym may seem a walk in the park, it remains a daunting affair that requires informed decisions. For example, choosing the right equipment remains one of the critical decisions that one has to make. While some go for the right equipment, a good number of people out there suffer the fate of choosing the wrong equipment. So, which are the best gym equipment for starting a home gym? Well, if that is what you are looking for, you no longer need to; for we’ve got you covered.


  1. BARBELL – Topping the list of equipment, this is one of the must-have tools you will need in your home gym. Though it is a simple tool, it remains the most important for measuring your body’s ability to lift weights. Therefore, it will form a great foundation for some of the basic exercises you need to develop strength, muscles, and power.Some of the exercises you may do using this tool include; squats (overhead, front, back, and Zercher squats), deadlifts, bench presses, rack-pulls, snatches, jerks, push presses among other exercises.
  2. A BENCH – Here, am specifically talking about the weightlifting bench. It is yet another essential tool that you will require in your routine workouts mostly in the barbell sets. To reap maximum benefit from the weightlifting bench, consider going for those with the incline and decline functionality as they allow you switch positions when still maintaining proper form.
    Bowflex Bench
  3. A POWER RACK – In your home gym, you will definitely be dealing with heavy weights. Therefore, safety should be taken in a pinch of salt to minimize the risk of getting injuries. Getting a this essential equipment is one of the best ways of introducing safety to your home gym. While at home, there are higher chances that you will be training alone, therefore, the results of gettingstuck under a bench press bar with no one around to help can be tragic. Considering safety to be one of the greatest considerations, this equipment becomes a must-have equipment for you if you are planning to start your home gym, have a look at pumpninc to find the best ones.
    Power Rack
  4. DUMBBELLS – After acquiring the barbell, one can easily ignore the need for acquiring a dumbbell. It’s true that most of the barbell activities can be performed with dumbbells. However, there are some of the exercises that can only be performed using the dumbbells such as the single-arm and the alternating arm exercises.When acquiring dumbbells for your home gym, consider going for those that allow for adjustment. They not only take less space but also allow you to challenge yourself as you become stronger without the need of buying a new set of weights.
  5. A PUNCHING BAG – This is another important tool you will require for your home gym. Punching bags are highly effective when it comes to growth of muscles, promoting self-confidence and overall body fitness. Not just that; when it comes to burning calories and improving the oxygen intake, this cardio and stamina improving workout comes in handy.Punching bags come with different weights. So, how do you know the right punching bag for you?
    Well, it’s simple; it depends on your level of fitness and the degree of intensity you are planning to train. The lighter bags (25-40 pounds) are great when it comes to improving precision and speed while those weighing 60-70 pounds are good for people who punch harder. However, just in case you are a boxer or maybe heavy hitter, punching bags that weigh 100 pounds or more are perfect.
    Though you can use the above criteria to know the perfect punching bag for you, it is highly recommendable to go for punching bags that allow for weight adjustments. These punching bags allow you to fill them with water or sand to your preferred weight.
    Punching Bag
  6. A ROWING MACHINE – Before we understand why it is essential, let us start with the basic question; what is a rowing machine?
    A rowing machine, just as the name suggests, it is an equipment that is designed to provide the body with similar benefits to those when rowing a boat in the water. So, why do you need it in your home gym?
    Well, as aforesaid, this equipment provides similar benefits as those of actual rowing. In other words, a rowing machine is great for the entire body workout. This is because in making a complete rowing strike, both the upper and lower body parts are required. This means that rowing machines are perfect for strengthening the cardiovascular function, improving endurance and building of muscles.
    When it comes to losing weight, rowing machine gets your entire body sweating hence perfect for burning calories.
    Rowing Machine
  7. A TREADMILL – Running is one of the most effective methods of achieving body fitness. While some may choose to do the morning run outdoor, with this machine, you can achieve equal benefits. In fact, it comes with additional benefits in that you can track your progress. Just like the actual running, a treadmill is ideal for losing weight, strengthening the cardiovascular health, improving the joint flexibility among other many benefits. Given all these benefits, it is beyond doubt that a treadmill remains a necessity in any home gym.
  8. AN EXERCISE MAT – We all know the health benefits associated with yoga. For every yoga session, you will need a comfortable and a reliable mat. This makes an exercise mat a basic requirement in any home gym.
    When it comes to some exercises such as the push-ups and the pre and post workout stretches, an exercise mat plays a very important role in providing you with a comfortable surface to carry out these workouts.
    Portable Exercise Mat
  9. A JUMP ROPE – This may be among the cheapest tools you will require in your own gym. Though cheap, it remains an effective tool in getting your blood flow quickly and burning the extra calories. In fact, jumping continuously for 10 minutes equates running continuously for 30 minutes. This qualifies it on the list of the essential requirements.
    Jump Rope
  10. SPIN BIKE – Taking the tenth position on our list, a spin bike allows one to reap the health benefits associated with cycling without having to go out to do the cycling in the heavy rains, snowfall, intense cold and scorching sun. In other words, a spin bike is a gym equipment that allows you to do exercise in the form of stationary cycling. Being one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises, cycling helps to increase the lung capacity and help burn calories (45 minutes training can burn up to 600 calories).
    Considering its significance, a spin bike is one of the essential tools that should not be ignored by anyone planning to start a home gym.
    Spin Bike
  11. A MIRROR – Finally but not least, you will need a mirror. It is always important to know yourself and see the progress after each training session. Some people, like me, get the motivation from the mirror. However, remember not to concentrate on the mirror muscles’.
    Gym Mirror


The fact remains that owning your own gym comes with better privacy, greater flexibility, and convenience unlike the case of a commercial gym. Sometimes, however, space and affordability become a limitation forcing many people to make a decision on what to buy and what not to buy. Though most people end up purchasing unnecessary equipment, having read this article, you should not fall a victim. The above-discussed equipment forms the basic requirements that everyone planning to start a home gym should have.