Getting Started

Are you ready for results? CrossFit Redmond exists to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  We are passionate about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy life.

How to join CrossFit Redmond

Before you come in for a class, please fill out our waiver form.  Please bring the questionnaire to your On-Ramp class or first group class as a member.

Membership Agreement (membership plan details/selection and payment setup)

Free Trial Class
Classes are held at 6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are by appointment only.  Please call or email to set up a free trial class.

Experienced CrossFitters
Are you joining from another affiliate?  Having you join a group class  We aren’t really concerned with how much you can lift or how fast your times are, we want to see great form and a positive attitude.  Please contact us about scheduling your private evaluation.  After your evaluation your trainer will determine whether you should complete the On-Ramp Series or join the Group Training Sessions.

On-Ramp Series
This seven session small group training series teaches you CrossFit’s fundamental movements, explains our training methods, discusses nutrition for both health and peak performance and gradually introduces you to the intensity of CrossFit in a small group setting.  The On-Ramp is a perfect opportunity for you to experience our training style and make sure CrossFit training is the right fit for you. If at the end of seven sessions the trainer determines more individual work is beneficial we may extend the on ramp training length.

Once you have gone through an introductory evaluation or the On-Ramp Series – and we agree that you are a good fit for the gym – you maybe offered membership at CrossFit Redmond.

CrossFit Redmond strives to provide a positive and encouraging environment for our clients. Anyone that is disruptive or negatively influences this environment is subject to having their membership revoked. Membership is at the sole discretion of CrossFit Redmond Management.

CrossFit Redmond membership details:

Paid in advance of service on the 1st day of each month.
Memberships are prorated for the first month.  Regular dues apply thereafter with payments made the first day of each month.
Dues are paid by monthly automatic electronic payment with credit card, debit card, or automatic checking account draft options.  There are no exceptions to this policy.
Memberships are automatically renewed with the same terms at the end of the membership period.
Membership dues for month-to-month memberships may increase at anytime with 30 days notice.
Memberships 30 days past due will be cancelled.  Reinstatement requires payment of dues owed, reinstatement fee of $25 and payment of first month of new membership.
Listed prices do not include State and Local sales taxes which are collected on all memberships.
Written notice of five (5) days must be given to assure cancellation of automatic payments.