Questions (FAQ)


Is there a minimum fitness requirement to train at CrossFit Redmond?
Not at all!  Even if you cannot walk up a flight of stairs our workouts will be beneficial to you.  CrossFit Redmond exists to increasing your fitness level no matter where you are starting from.  Our trainers modify and adjust every workout so you are doing things at your level and so will see the best results.

Can I train even though I have a past injury or are rehabbing from a recent injury?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage it.  We are proud to have had a number of referrals from doctors who understand the value of strength and conditioning.  We will discuss any physical limitation before your first session and make modifications as needed.

May I try a class before I sign up?

We offer a free trial class to anyone who is interested in training at CrossFit Redmond.  We reserve 6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for introductory classes and can plan alternate times as well.  Email us to reserve a spot!

What should I expect in a training session?

Come ready to work.  Dress in comfortable clothes considering the weather and bring your water bottle.  We will thoroughly warm-up, discuss the skills for the day, stretch and do both strength and conditioning work and finish with cool down and more stretching.  Within an hour, you will be fully and satisfactorily worked out!

Should I just jump into a group training sessions?

Everyone starts with introductory class for a couple of reasons.  An introductory class gives us a forum to discuss the program and our methods without the distraction of a large group and allows us to better evaluate your conditioning.  After we assess your conditioning and movement we will advise you of the best steps forward.  If you are currently in a CrossFit program, have your coach send us an evaluation and we can usually make other arrangements.

What is the On-Ramp and should I go though it?

The On-Ramp is a series of seven semi-private training sessions in which we introduce you to our strength program, large variety of exercises and class rhythm.  These are not easy classes; they are based on our toughest workouts and involve all of the most technical lifts and exercises we use. We want you to know our gym standards before you join the group workouts.  If you come from a training background you may not need all 7 sessions.  Experienced CrossFitters will be evaluated in the introductory class.

What is your CrossFit program like?

CrossFit Redmond’s programming is based on a strength and conditioning model.  We begin every session with an active warm-up so you are ready for stretching, skill practice, focused strength and barbell training and a conditioning workout.  The class rhythm is quick, focused and effective; we don’t waste your time.  Our workouts are based around exercises we know are the most effective for developing a strong, healthy, good looking you.  All in about an hour!

Strength training is a part of the membership?  Don’t some gyms charged extra for that?

Our regular programming includes focused strength and barbell training.  Being strong is an important component of health and fitness so we make it a priority in our program.  We aren’t sure why some gyms charge extra or require separate or extra memberships to get stronger.  Probably a good way to make a buck.

Do you think I can do this?

It can be intimidating to join for some but every one of us took the plunge just like you are about to do.  Our gym thrives on being supportive of each other and celebrating your personal achievements.  We don’t pat ourselves on the back or brag.  We have trained people ranging from 7-75 years old and many have never done any physical training before joining us.  CrossFit Redmond is a teaching environment where all of us are learning together.

But I have never lifted weights before.  Is that a problem?

No.  In fact, it’s a good thing because you have not learned improper technique.  In general, we find inexperienced lifters learn proper technique and have see faster results than many people who have spent time in most gyms or exercise routines, even if they worked with a personal trainer.

How much does it cost?

We have several options for you.  The greater commitment you make to your training the lower the monthly cost.  Our membership options range from $135/mo up to $175/mo depending on the length of your commitment.  Our membership agreement has our individual, couple and family membership options spelled out clearly.

How do I pay membership dues?

All membership dues are paid my automatically recurring credit, debit or ACH payments on the first day of the month.

Will I get bulky?

What you will get is an athletic body.  We don’t do isolation training like a bodybuilder would and we don’t allow chemical enhancements in our gym so the chance of looking like a bodybuilder are slim.  Our body type is athletic and it is beautiful in all its forms.

Can you help me get six pack abs?

Only if you are willing to change your diet.

Do I have to change my diet?

To get great results you need to do a few simple things.  Just to get you going… stop eating sugar.