About CFR

CrossFit Redmond is a training facility for those who seek to perform beyond the capacity developed at conventional gyms, athletic clubs and fitness classes.


The exercises that we choose are by definition functional, things human beings done since the beginning of our species. We squat, lift, run, jump, throw, push, pull, swing and much, much more.
Our programming is varied meaning you will tackle new challenges every time you come into the gym. You may not always like the workout but you will never complain that it was boring.
We train at a high intensity level. Intensity is the magician behind the curtain in the CrossFit methodology. It takes effort and mental toughness to develop intensity but once an athlete has attained the appetite for and ability to work at high intensity level, the results come rapidly.

Our program is appropriate for any person regardless of age or ability. Through appropriate “scaling” we lead each athlete through the same workout and that provides the same stimulus while using weights, range of motion and intensity level that are appropriate for each individuals fitness level. We have trained athletes ranging from 7-75 and in perfect health and working back to good health.


CrossFit Redmond trainers have been involved in training and athletics for more than 20 years as athletes themselves and as coaches. While training at CrossFit Redmond you will always have the eyes of an experienced coach on your movements assuring that you are learning the technical aspects of the exercises well and that you are always working in a safe manner.


CrossFit Redmond trains in 2,200 square feet of wide open, felxible space all covered in rubber matting for a better training experience.  We have changing areas for those who are coming from work and plenty of space to get to know your fellow CrossFitters before and after workouts.

Our facility is a couple blocks from Redmond Town Center, a block from the Sammamish River Trail and has easy access to 520, Rose Hill, Education Hill and the Lake Sammamish communities.